Visia Skin Analysis

Visia Skin Analysis


Embark on Personalized Skin Transformation with Visia Skin Analysis in Cape Town at Smart Laser

Discover the power of Visia Skin Analysis, a cutting-edge skin assessment technology offered at Smart Laser in Cape Town. This revolutionary analysis goes beyond the surface, providing an internal scope of the skin, enabling meaningful comparisons, and documenting improvements over time. The Visia Skin Analysis system utilizes advanced features such as a 3D viewer, meaningful comparisons, skin age assessment, printed reports, UV photography, and a comprehensive product and treatment library.

Key Features of Visia Skin Analysis:

Internal Scope of the Skin: Visia Skin Analysis offers an internal scope of the skin, providing an in-depth understanding of various skin concerns. It goes beyond what the naked eye can see, allowing for a thorough examination of the skin's features.

Meaningful Comparisons: The system allows for meaningful comparisons, enabling side-by-side views of different skin conditions, features, or time points. This feature is valuable for tracking progress and assessing the effectiveness of treatments. Documented Improvements: Visia Skin Analysis captures high-quality, high-resolution facial views, documenting improvements in the skin over time. This visual documentation is essential for monitoring changes and making informed decisions about skincare routines and treatments.

3D Viewer: The 3D viewer magnifies a specific area of the patient's skin, providing a three-dimensional image that can be rotated for a comprehensive view. This detailed image includes surface texture, wrinkles, pores, and acne scars, enhancing patient understanding and motivation.

Skin Age Assessment: Visia's patented skin age comparison analysis visually indicates areas for improvement, allowing patients to understand their skin's age relative to norms. This information serves as a valuable tool for treatment planning and patient education.

Printed Reports: Personalized printed reports present easy-to-understand information, offering a clear visual impact. These reports help in patient education and treatment planning, enhancing the effectiveness of selling rejuvenation and skincare treatments.

Wizard-Like Interface: The intuitive interface of Visia Skin Analysis makes it easy to identify and target specific skin concerns. The analysis results ensure clear visualization and communication with patients, helping them understand their unique skincare needs. UV Photography: Visia's UV photography mode provides a comprehensive data set for sun damage assessment. This includes UV fluorescence imaging to reveal porphyrins. UV images, with or without colour processing, contribute to a thorough understanding of the skin's condition.

Product & Treatment Library: Visia simplifies the selection of personalized recommendations with its built-in library of skincare products and treatments. Recommendations, along with descriptive notes and actual product images, appear in the printed report.

Experience Visia Skin Analysis in Cape Town: Visia Skin Analysis is available at Smart Laser's branches in Durbanville, Blouberg, Plattekloof, Glengarry, Rondebosch, Kenilworth, Pinelands, Stellenbosch, and Panorama. To embark on a personalized skin transformation journey and gain insights into your skin's unique needs, book your Visia Skin Analysis session today. Elevate your skincare experience with the advanced technology of Visia at Smart Laser.